I have a fine from 2014 from the Netherlands, where I was fined for cycling on the sidewalk.

I didn't pay the fine and some months later I left the country. My flatmate at the time said collectors from a collection company kept sending mail and even showed up on our door looking for me, however he informed them I had left the country.

Now, however, I might be going back there for work. Is there any chance this will catch up with me? What should I do?


You can check through here if the fine is still registered and then pay it immediately. But if you can't find it via that page, I have no idea what to do.

The amount your were fined for will have increased ('reminder charges').

If your fine is still registered somewhere, you risk getting picked out a passport control, e.g. at Schiphol airport. KMar will check the registers of the Centraal Justitieel Incassobureau (CJIB) and you will have to pay on the spot.

There is a chance that on an intra-Schengen flight (if not connecting to/from an extra-Schengen flight!) that you won't be checked, but I would not risk it.

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