I had a BBA degree and one year experience working as the data analytics back in my home country, however, recently I just attend the MBA degree in Germany.

I will look for Data (IT-oriented) job after graduation.

The resident work permit and EU Blue Card is something I'm not really sure of.

I have heard that you need to work with the job that relevant to your degree in order to obtain work permit.

In my case, the MBA may be not relevant to Data job that I expected to have. Also, which permit should I apply for? German resident visa or EU Blue card?


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The visa you apply for essentially depends on the type of job offer you have. If you:

  • want to work in Germany in general employment (ie. a job that does not require you to be highly skilled or highly educated), you will need to apply for a German residence permit for the purpose of general employment (essentially a German work visa and German work permit). You will only be eligible if the position cannot be filled by a worker from the EU/EEA or Switzerland. You will need to have a vocational qualification and a firm offer of a job in Germany; you will need to show both evidence of your qualification and an employment contract or letter of intent in your application.

  • hold a recognised university degree and have sufficient funds to support you during your stay, you can apply for a six-month residence permit to look for work, known as the jobseeker’s visa. You are not permitted, however, to undertake any work in Germany while looking.

  • want to apply for an EU Blue Card in Germany you need a university degree from a German university or equivalent from a foreign university and a guaranteed job in Germany with an income of EUR 50,800 EUR (EUR 39,624 in shortage occupations).

  • fit the highly skilled category (plus earning more than EUR 84,600) you can apply for a settlement permit, entitling you ­– and your family members – to live and work in Germany indefinitely.

Source: https://www.expatica.com/de/employment/employment-law/work-in-germany-getting-a-german-work-permit-100900/

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