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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands as a unit with minimal border controls.

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UK family visa for Irish national moving from Ireland to UK

I am an Irish national living in Ireland and will be moving to the UK for work, spouse is non-EU and does not require visa to enter the UK if she is staying less than 6 months. Should my spouse apply ...
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Regular travel between UK and Belgium as an Irish citizen + tax?

I am an Irish citizen, my partner is Belgian. We have been living together in Ireland for several years. For work I need to move to the UK in a few months, where I will be employed for about 3 years. ...
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Where can EU residency permit holders travel to outside the EU?

I am wondering, where can EU residency permit holders travel to outside the EU without a visa? some counties like Mexico for example, allows anyone to visit if they hold a Schengen visa/Schengen state ...
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How long can an EU national live in the UK if they entered UK through CTA? (after Transition period)

Will an EU national living in Ireland be subject to immigration checks when travelling from Ireland to UK after the transition period? If no, how long can they live in UK by entering UK through the ...
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If I do a Visa “Run”, can I leave my stuff in that country?

Many countries offer 3-6 month stays on a travel visa. If I to do a Visa “run”, am I able to leave my stuff in that country, then later reenter it and come back to the same place I was staying in ...
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UK Visa Process

I had Irish student visa and was going to UK through Belfast which is Northern Ireland (part of the UK) and was caught by Police at ferry terminal and they took all my information like passport number ...