Some airline companies (easyJet in particular) don't seem to offer payment with iDEAL, but do seem offer a reduced fee (quite significantly reduced - 9 EUR or so) for using a debit card, e.g. Mastercard Debit or Visa Debit.

Can I get one of those issued in the Netherlands?

Also, assuming the answer to the first question is affirmative: I have an ABN AMRO bank account and an ICS Mastercard (a credit card); do those help me / make it cheaper for me to get such a debit card?

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    How is this about expatriation? Even if you are an expatriate, how would the situation be different if you were not? – fkraiem Sep 23 '17 at 0:00
  • Would perhaps be more relevant on the money site? – Gala Sep 23 '17 at 13:08
  • Note that Maestro is internationally recognised alright, I used mine to withdraw cash all over the place, even outside the Eurozone and in quite exotic locales. You are really asking about something else, namely a card that supports online transactions. And the rules for that differ from merchant to merchant. Speaking about low-cost airlines, even a Visa Debit might not be enough to avoid extra fees, each have different rather arbitrary restrictions. As an example, if I am not mistaken, EasyJet waives the fee for a Visa Electron but not a Visa or Mastercard Debit. – Gala Sep 23 '17 at 13:13
  • As an owner of an ABN AMRO account and ICS Mastercard, I had a hard time finding a debit card. I ended up using the Mastercard (with transaction alerts enabled) whenever I can't pay with iDEAL or PayPal. – ris8_allo_zen0 May 28 '18 at 22:20

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