I'm planning to apply for a TN visa at the US border. I'm accompanying my wife, and she is going to study in the US. We are going there a month and a half prior to my job start date and 2 weeks before the start date of her program, in order to settle down, find a place, etc.

Is it true that TN visa is issued only a week before the job start date? That seems very close to the job start date.

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    Just a note on the terminology: when you apply at the border, you are applying for admission in TN status, and you are entering the US with no visa whatsoever. Strictly speaking, a visa is just a document, a sticker in your passport, and you won't have one. This option is available only to citizens of Canada; Mexican citizens must apply for a visa in advance at a US consulate. – phoog Jul 4 at 22:33

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