I have received a PhD offer from a UK university. Since I do have my MSc from a Canadian university (but I am not canadian), the conditional offer letter does not ask me to provide any english language test. Now, does the visa application requires any language test? As I look into the visa requirements, it seems that they excluded Canada from the list of exempted countries: https://www.gov.uk/student-visa/knowledge-of-english

Please advice. Thank you.

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Yes, but the same page has this statement:

If you’re studying with a Higher Education Provider

If you’re studying at degree level or above, your Higher Education Provider (HEP) 
can assess your level of English themselves. This means they may ask you to do a different test.

This must still be equivalent to a CEFR level B2.

If you haven't, ask the university. They'll certainly have encountered this situation before.

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