What are valid setups for cross-border employments in the EU?


I am living in Germany and am about to sign an employment contract (as a programmer) with a smaller company in Poland.

The work is purely remote (from Germany) and the company has no legal branch in Germany whatsoever, just Poland. They originally wanted to hire me as contractor/sole entrepreneur, but I declined that.

I wanted to have a solution that is simple for me, i.e. being a regular employee of their company, not having to fill out any tax papers while still having the benefit of all the standard german benefits of being in an employment. That is:

  • pension insurance
  • unemployment insurance
  • health insurance

They said that they will figure something out and later claimed to have found a setup that works.


I am still trying to get them to explain me the setup, but wanted to get some feedback from the community in the meantime.

What could be a valid solution to this situation, given that they do not have a legal branch in Germany, nor me being a sole entrepreneur?



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