A Brazilian friend is considering a move to Spain to live with a friend for a year.

What are the requirements for obtaining an Spanish work visa for a Brazilian citizen?

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    There is an agreement about short stays covering a lot of situations but there is no such thing as an “EU work visa” and I am pretty sure there are no reciprocal agreements about that. I suggest you focus your question on Spain (can't provide more info on that, unfortunately).
    – Gala
    Aug 25, 2014 at 15:36

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A Brazilian national can enter the Schengen Area, including Spain, visa free for up to 3 months during a 6 month period following the date of first entry. However, visa-free entrance does not confer the right to work, either in Spain or any Schengen country.

An individual can’t apply directly for a work permit. The employer in Spain has to do it, through the Immigration Office (Oficina de Extranjeros) at the nearest Subdelegación del Gobierno or Unidad de Grandes Empresas

After that has been accomplished, your friend would apply for the work visa (by employment) through the Spanish Consulate in his home country.

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