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Recent French national travelling to India without surrendering Indian passport

I have recently acquired French citizenship and currently possess an Indian passport, which I am required to surrender. The necessary document for surrendering my Indian passport, the French ...
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Is renouncing one's US citizenship approx. equally administratively complex as renouncing one's US lawful permanent resident status (green card)?

Is renouncing one's US citizenship approximately equally administratively complex as renouncing one's US lawful permanent resident status (i.e., giving up one's green card)? If that matters (e.g., for ...
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What are the benefits of US citizenship for someone living elsewhere?

If I have 3 passports (one from the US where I was born, one from the country where my family is from, and one from the country I currently live in). One of these non-US passports is that of an EU ...
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Young man in Europe, never paid US taxes. Does this making renouncing citizenship easier?

I'm a young (20 years old) American (with French dual citizenship) living in Europe currently considering renouncing my US citizenship. However, I'm quite intimidated by the amount of paperwork, ...
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Expat needing to know about renouncing US citizenship

Ok, If you renounce your US citizenship and are stateless, can you work? Can you register for residency? Everything I have read or watched, seems to just brush over a lot of the details. I am really ...
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French Nationality - Surrendering Indian Passport

I have French nationality since birth (born in 1991). However due to various reasons, I have an Indian passport and no French passport. I have not traveled outside India with my Indian passport either....
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Could one renounce one's native citizenship in order to prevent a second, naturalized citizenship from being revoked?

Before I start, I want to say that I am asking this out of pure curiosity and interest. I am not in this situation, and I do not know anyone in this situation. I read that the Norwegian Directorate ...
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What is the process to cancel my child's Chinese citizenship?

My child is born in Macau, I am Australian, and my wife is from Mainland China. My children by law can not be Macanese citizens or residents as neither the mother nor the father has Macanese ...
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