I'm from Kosovo, currently self-employed (have a business and profit about 1000£/month). Last year I got a UK visitor visa, visited UK and liked the living there. I'm looking for options to move and live in UK.

I've some personal websites and I develop and manage some clients' websites that have contracts for next 1-2 years.

Is there any visa type like a Business visa that allows me to move to UK, register my business there, create bank account for my business and live there as self-employed, or any other ideas?

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Have a look at the UK's page on work visas. I think you want one of these visas under Investor, business development and talent visas, but they do require endorsement:

  • Innovator visa (requires £50,000 investment and endorsement by "an approved body.")
  • Start-up visa (requires endorsement from "an authorised body that is either a UK higher education institution [or] a business organisation with a history of supporting UK entrepreneurs.")

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