I live in the US and sometimes have to call French phone numbers. Numbers starting with +331 or +339 are landlines, but I'm facing issues with +338 numbers: How can I know ahead of time the price of a call via Google Voice from the US to France for a +338 number?

https://voice.google.com/rates (mirror) says:

enter image description here and I'm having issue matching it with what I see on https://fr.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Num%C3%A9ro_surtax%C3%A9_en_France&oldid=175712171#La_r%C3%A9forme_des_services_%C3%A0_valeur_ajout%C3%A9e_(SVA):

enter image description here

For example, if I call +3389, how do I know whether Google Voice will bill me at 0.15 USD/minutes, 0.28 USD/minutes or 1 USD/minutes?


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