I am a French citizen, married to a Russian citizen. I now live and work in the UK, and from what we read, the best solution for her to join me is to apply to a EEA Family Permit, and once in the UK, she'd need to apply for a residence card.

Anyway. How long does it take usually to get the family permit? From the application to the actual delivery of the visa…

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    Technically applying for a residence card is not mandatory. But having one is useful, especially to travel in and out of the UK.
    – Gala
    Sep 1 '15 at 22:09

I don't have a source at hand but it used to be a huge problem. EU law says “quickly” and the Commission considers delays longer than 4 weeks unacceptable. Visas for EU citizens family members are also supposed to be handled in priority. But a few years ago, application for EEA family permits actually took 6 months or more to be processed. I have no idea whether the issue has been resolved.

There are also other issues with EEA Family permits.

  • Thank you. The stories in your link are not very enthusiastic, but at least, it gives me an idea of the problems I may have to face...
    – Majuj
    Sep 2 '15 at 17:02

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