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F2-F1 Conundrum

I had earlier applied for an F2 visa for my spouse and she is waiting to go for interview in November. About a week ago, after being refused last year, she has received funding in the Agric department ...
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Can a f-2 visa holder request for status termination to re-marry a US citizen?

If someone came to the US with F-2 visa while she and her husband(F-1 visa holder) are not US citizens nor permanent residences, and their marriage happened in their home country, can she(F-2 visa ...
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Should I get divorced before I can marry again, if the marriage is foreign and between non-citizens?

I am an F-2 visa holder in the US. I came to the US with my spouse as his legal wife. In the US I fell in love with another US citizen guy and we want to marry together. But I don't know is it ...
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Can an F-2 visa holder establish and manage a company outside of the US?

If someone comes to the US with F-2 visa status, can he establish a new company in Canada or Germany and manages the company and gets it's incomes during the time he is inside the US with the F-2 visa ...
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