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Is this case qualified for religious asylum in US?

I was wondering if the following description qualifies for religious asylum in US. I didn't know about Christianity in China before moving to US, and the school education portraits it as something ...
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Visa for U.S. citizen permanently staying in France for religious purposes?

How does one apply for a religious visa for permanent stay in France? What are the requirements? What is such a French visa called? Does it help to have EU dual-citizenship (e.g., Italian-American ...
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Dubai non-practising muslim

My husband is half Irish half Iraqi, and an Irish passport holder. Our marriage certificate says he is Muslim. I am Christian but in reality, we are neither and have no religious beliefs at all. If ...
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What are the consequences of a (fake) conversion to islam, for a foreigner visiting Iran?

Apologies if this is not the best SE site for asking this question, but I really wasn't sure which one would match. Posting anonymously because of the sensitive subject. My fiancée and I recently ...
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Church tax back payment when leaving

I've started working in Germany two years ago. During the anmeldung I declared that I don't belong to any religious organization. I am an atheist, but I was baptized in Poland. I thought that saying ...
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Who can see if you pay the Church tax (Kirchensteuer) in Germany?

As far as I understand, only your employer can see if you pay the Church tax in Germany, as the employer detracts the tax from your salary. Can the Church actually see if I pay the tax, and how? Who ...
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Secular schools in Dubai [closed]

I got a contract opportunity to work in Dubai, and considering it. Are there good private schools that teach in German or English, that don't compel students to learn about Islam (besides basic ...
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Consequences of declaring 'Konfessionslos' when formally belonging to Church in Germany

For many people migrating for work to Germany it's quite surprising, or even shocking, that they are asked about their religion by the employer. They are usually not informed about the consequences, ...
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Practicing Catholicism in Saudi Arabia

I know that the public practice of any religion other than Wahabbi Islam is strictly forbidden in Saudi Arabia, and there would be no places of worship. I also know that the morality police raided a ...
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