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Questions about the Registry of Italians Resident Abroad (A.I.R.E.).

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I'm an Italian; can my wife stay in Italy for 6 months without establishing residency?

Ciao amici! I am an Italian citizen residing in the United States. My wife is an American. Our marriage is transcribed in Italy and at my consulate in the US. We want to return to Italy this year for ...
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Father's name in the birth certificate and Italian citizenship

When I arrived in the UK from Italy in 2003 I met a wonderful woman and we both fell in love. I could not even speak good English at that time, we used to go to the gym together, she had very long ...
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How to aknowledge paternity of a 24 years old in South Africa and let her benefit from her EU citizenship

My brother is an Italian citizen and fathered a child during a holiday in South Africa in 1997, he aknowledged the daughter as his but not on her birth certificate where in fact her mother named ...
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Change job for Blue Card EU in Italy

I've been working under Blue Card for 22 months from 2019 to now, now I have a new contract with new company. Does anyone here knows what is the admin process for this change? I read that I need to ...
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Applying for a British Passport - Am I a British Citizen?

I'm trying to apply for my first British passport and have been reading various sites for guidance to do it correctly. I have completed the online form, confirmed my identity, and I am at the ...
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Can I leave my house during the 14 days of self-isolation if I have to take a flight out of UK?

On December the 3rd I will go back in the UK from Italy and, if the rules stay the same, I'll have to self-isolate for 14 days in UK. Does this mean that I cannot leave the house not even to go to the ...
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Taxiation in Germany (for expats from Italy)

I'm about to move from Italy to Germany for a job and I have a few questions regarding taxation and old-age pension. In which country will my income be taxed? In which country should I pay the ...
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is it possible to go with the babies (Italian passport holders) but leave them in Brazil for a month or two?

I and my wife have 3 children, the boy is 5 years old and 2 girls, 1 year old. We live in London (UK). The nursery fees are very high and my wife wants to go back to work. There are other things as ...
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How do I register my Italian marriage (outside of country where we were married)?

I am a US citizen who married an Italian citizen in 2014. We were married in New York and lived together before we decided to move to Europe. He moved back to Italy and I moved to the UK for my career....
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Non-EU spouse: right to work in Italy/Live in the USA

I am an Italian citizen and with my wife of 18 years, we have 2 children, who are Italian citizens. She is a dual US/Russian citizen. Our marriage is registered on the "AIRE". We live in US. Does she ...
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AIRE processing while on UK temporary visa [closed]

My girlfriend is Brazilian and is finishing obtaining her Italian citizenship. She is currently in the UK under a temporary 6 months visa (currently on the 2nd month). Her Italian Citizenship is ...
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I never enrolled in AIRE for almost 2 years - killer taxes [duplicate]

I have Italian citizenship. I have been living in the UK for about 1.5 years and I did not subscribe to AIRE (the Registry of Italians Resident Abroad). At first, it was because I wasn't sure how ...
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Non-EU citizen living in the UK, moving to Italy with Italian husband

I hope someone can help with a step-by-step explanation as I haven't got a clear understanding as a result of my communication with Turkish and Italian consulates. I am a Turkish national. I've been ...
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Italian citizenship - which consulate?

I applied for Italian citizenship by marriage last year. At the time we were living in Switzerland so we did the paperwork through the Zürich consulate. Now we have moved to London. In theory my wife ...
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Capital gains tax payable in Italy [closed]

Is there a reduced rate for the capital gains tax applied to Italian citizens (registered with AIRE) permanently residing overseas?
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Do Italian Citizens living abroad have to pay taxes to Italy?

I am currently a US citizen/resident, who found out that I can acquire Italian Citizenship jure sanguinis. Before I actually go through with this, I wanted to make sure I wouldn't be burdening myself, ...
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